Poetry Here & Now: What…IF…Shail Agrawal

It is a wild-West there
So hold tight,

These trafficking thoughts
fretting and fuming
from a tired exhaust
held back forever on a changing light

More speeches more claps
More dead to fill
various news headlines
More falling from the safe haven
Expelled angels of a sinned sky

Blue sky turning red and yellow
Then black again in anticipation
World Crumbling and falling
with its rugged mountains
and volcanoes within

Yes It is a wild west there
Please hold tight–

“Going home again” “I mean your country ? ”
he smiled and asked.

standing at my own doorsteps
I searched my soul –

“Is that my country,
Where I need a visa even to enter
My birth place, a far away house
Mine no more,
In a faraway town full of stranger!
Not knowing, when and how long
can I stay there without a bother Hotels are perhaps the only places
Welcoming and comfortable!

This lush green England , this recluse of mine
Where I shut the door and leave world behind.
Yes, this is my home, my country I thought
where I live with family and friends!”

I heaved a sigh of relief and smiled
But before I could turn and reply
This friend of mine, a thorough gentleman
Whiplashed me in his most soothing voice

“Worry not my love.
Ignore all discrimination and abusive blabber
We British , after all, are very tolerant nation
Always nice to you all, foreigners!”

An Aftermath

Swimming that dark, fluid river of sorrow
I have reached again shores of a thorny forest
in search of our all lost tomorrows.

Air is still heavy with stillness
Bleak without love, hatred or fear
A bloodshot sky, grilled with smoke.

Senses sane and intact, without sensitivity
Bleak eyes open, no hope yet
those dead hopes, breathing last

A red-hot tired sun scorching already burnt fields
A staunch, stink claiming all once beautiful and alive
Smiles and tears and those shredded dreams.

In this desolate realm of death
this faceless monster is having a feast
on crushed humanity and our endless greed.

The world is lost to a frenzied moment
Why this heart rendering cry now
Nobody is there to share the sorrow.

Dreams shattered, fume unburied.
What a waste of a civilisation!
my grieving mind in a whirl—

Think, mull and chew my pensive heart
It is a dawn whenever one wakes
let us all rise together !

Ambition must rectify, these killing games
These frenzied passtime must be stubbed.
life’s poignant seeds wither many a storm !

I am praying
with my eyes closed
Dreming with closed eyes
Yet frightened to open them
To face the reality
In case…What…If….


सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित (Copyrights reserved)

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