Poetry Here & Now: Harbhajan Kaur

Hubbard Glacier

Sitting in the balcony
holding hands as the ship is sailing
Got stunned with huge chunks of ice floating

A little seagull slipping through the canvas
As a piece of dice
A row of mountains
An amazing colour as we come near
In the middle of them stand glaciers

Blue beautiful icy giants
standing like God`s army
Completely un-inhabited yet fully alive
I wish I could touch them
And greet them with a hello and bye

Suddenly the sea has gone very calm
And silent as well
The ringing I hear is my soul`s bell
Slowly moving ship
Is touching the Hubbard Glacier
As part of it falls with spectator’s cheers.

A part of the glacier is floating away now
Like a young child leaving school
Going to college now; Vow!

Different languages and various expressions
Around me on Mother Nature
In the shadow of the ship plenty to capture

Everything stopped in applaud the date and the time
These moments are thirst quencher like lemon on ice
Strength of it is togetherness and oneness
I will share this to all, with a brimming passion

Thanks for choosing me to witness this Glory
Your presence is real, not a story.

Inner Feelings

Everyone wants, a hand, a leg and a piece of heart
Trying to accommodate it all, is a real art!!
One layer is honour, one is dignity
One is truth and everyone is frigidity.

Some are shameful hidden under dresses
Others are torn when heavy weight presses.
The core is pure and smiling in the dark,
Keeps nights calm when street dogs bark.

Feel the superficiality of the human relations,
How it changes with lower denominations.
further inside, the soul is crystal clear,
Lived gracefully, death is a no fear.

Felt alone all the way, crazy love dealings,
Still trying to find my inner most feelings.


Harbhajan Kaur
Leicester, U.K.

Writing has been my true friend since childhood. Whenever you want to talk to yourself as a whole, you feel everything around you speaks to you in different ways and different languages yet you can feel and write about them. You can think beyond imagination and break the man made rules, can put forward something as it is ! Without changing or making it look good. You can tear the layers of artificial living and just be you. Also you can see so many different perspectives to life when you look at it as a third person. It is just beautiful.

In my case I started writing few lines in primary school as lost my father at the age of 6. Everything was different but I had a paper and pen. I started attending, on the spot writing and reading poems by participating in inter school competitions. It gave me lot more strength to realise the power of words and how to use them carefully. I wrote when I was lost sad or disappointed. In the mean time could express my happiness and my love for nature, family and friends in my writing. I initially wrote in Hindi and Punjabi before starting to write in English in the last decade after finishing MSc Clinical Sciences from De Montfort university. This was the tie when my husband was deployed to Basra for 3 months for Gulf War.

I feel that writing has been my good friend for a long time and to certain extent keeps me in touch with my soul and the beautiful universe. It did start as a hobby which is now part of my life. I feel so liberated whenever I get the chance to write and express myself without any hesitation.

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