My Column: What…If…

It was New Years’eve yesterday . For the third consequitive year, dwindling laughters , diminishing fire works and definitely no celebration in affulent neighbourhood.
How often we all have yearned- what…if…! But what is this ‘what’ and ‘if ‘? A need of the hour or a desire to break free from all the boundaries of doom and gloom of any given society or circumstance; perhaps even the demon of one’s own dreams!
I hought I will not mention the word, but Korona has definitely changed the world, making us more responsible for ourselves and our’s, the way we live. Robbing us the simple joys of everyday life it has taught us to be a hermit hard way; selfish to some extent, because it is the question of survival. Survival of our world, our planet, everything we have gone used to, or is familiar to us.
They called it worst migration disaster when the boat collapsed in the English channel and 130 illegal immigrants drowned. Their corpses were recovered , but not a single alive! Words really fell short to console.
Where and how this blind faith and blind cruelity …this difference between rich and poor will resolve! In poor nation children are dying of hunger and in affullent nations hundred and five year old are running marathon and receiving honours from the monarch for their zest for life! This difference between rich and poor baffles! What…if…There was no greed, no lust, no war? No need to make or produce any arm then, no need for a mad rush to purchase them either and kill our already dying humanity, our world!
Lekhni’s this New Year 22 ‘s issue is dedicated to this peaceful eutopian desire only , you can call it a prayer also, circling all the black, so white can shine prominently.
Hope you will enjoy reading this beautiful assemble.
Wishing or atleast hoping a joyous and peaceful New Year!

Shail Agrawal

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