My Column: November-December 2020

It is easy to say bye bye 2020 but it will never be easy to wipe it off from our memory completely. They say these pandemics come after every hundred years or so. Not every body witnesses them . A year of insecurity and fear, a year of loss and misery, we all will be really happy to see it go and hope and pray 2021 will bring back peace and stability in world again.
To lighten up these dark days we have assembled some beautiful literary pieces for you to go through. Pay special attention to Kids Corner, Where three first cousins from Australia and England have joined Lekhni with their beautiful poems and a story as well. Lekhni warmly welcomes Nishka and Nikita Banerjee and their cousin Anika Nigam from Australia. We hope to have more creative work from them in future and wish them best for their future in creative writting.
Rilke is my favourite poet . His heady cocktail of passion and emotions goes straight to the readers heart. And who can scape the magical spell of H.G. Wells. There is a lot for you to dig and enjoy in this issue.
Our next issue is on Corona and its impact on our lives . How it has changed us, specially our life style and our livelihood? What should be our planning for the safe future? your articles, poems and stories, all ate welcome at Remember, last date for submission is 20’th of December 2020.

Wishing all our readers a very happy and safe Corona free Diwali & Christmas, see you hopefully in a much calmer 2021. Keep safe and keep well.
Shail Agrawal

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