My Column: Freedom and Equality

One can not enjoy freedom if he or she is not considered equal. And women are not given that privillage yet. But Women are definitely lot wiser and well informed these days. They are willing and ready to succeed in their own goals and fight for rights.
Their movements, demand and behaviour , even their courage is very different from their predecessors of hundred or eighty so years ago, who by just burning their bras felt liberated.
Today a beauty queen of Ukraine is ready to fight along side others with the attackers and invaders of her country. They feel no less capable than their male encounter.
The women’s movement or shall we say discontent began in the early nineteenth century when groups of women began to speak out against the feeling of separation, inequality, and limits that seemed to be placed on them because of their sex. .
This Struggle still continues in many parts of the world, without any apparent change and so does the fight …Freedom, choice and individual rights are the few words, we keep on hearing again and again in today’s context .
To know what one wants and what one is fighting for; makes things lot easier. Joan Crawford once said: ” I have always known what I wanted and that was beauty…in every form.” … Is it that simple…! Freedom brings its own responsibilities.
Can one always be that selfish! We all are in prayers and hope that right thinking will prevail, not only in the fight of right between the two sexes, but between the many responsible leaders also in present circumstances.
Wishing every one a peaceful and happy world !

Shail Agrawal

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