Kids’Corner: One And All-Shail Agrawal

‘No body is ever alone, Should feel alone!
Sun, moon and stars, river and trees are always with us, giving us warmth, light and comfort, feeding us and quenching our thirst.’, mother used to tell her when she used to go out for work every day and leave five year old Nikki alone and frightened in the house.
And that day when she went, she really didn’t return. Nikki waited and waited now for both her Mum and Dad. Her father was also in army. That meant she hardly used to see him. People say lots of people have died fighting the war with enemy. These talks used to frighten her. But Nikki doesn’t believe them . She knows her parents are alive and still sending their love to her, looking after her.

Nikki: a lonely girl now, sitting alone in that falling apart house, made it tolerable for herself. by drawing her mother on the empty floor of the only room left in that gutted house and bolted the half flung door from inside, securing herself. Now she was not alone. Her mother was there to comfort her; she can talk to her, even can sleep in her lap at night.
Every body flew away leaving that war torn zone behind, but she could not leave the house, her mum and dad made so lovingly for her. Mum told her once so proudly, that her father built it with his own hands brick by brick.
Now every thing was destroyed around her, specihally her Faith. Bit she didn’t knew where her parents were? But she believed that one day they will definitely like to come back to the house, calling her name and looking and searching for her!

Before going away her friend Peter told her,’ Everybody who ever is alive,was leaving this town. It is not safe to stay back now. Who ever didn’t ran awan, is dead . So she should come with them ‘

‘But she is not dead! This itself proves that every body is not dead!’ Nikki thought and wiped her tear back.

She kept on consoling herself.

Hope was stil twinkling in her eyes like the brightest star in the sky. She held tight to it. Day and night with both her palms closed to her cheet , as if she was praying constantly for last three days,

She sat there hungry and tired for her parents safe return.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. She tried to get up, but couldn’t and fainted. She was so week and hungry.

When she opened her eyes, god knows after how many days and at what time, she found herself in a warm bed , but in an unfamiliar room and strange surroundings

Suddenly an old lady entered the room with a bowl full of warm vegetable broth and tried to feed her. But she turned her face away. Old lady didn’t give up and hugged her close to her chest, and lifted her chin lovingly towards her to wipe those constantly flowing tears from her face.

She noticed her hair were combed and tied with a pink satin ribbon and her silk dress was shiny and new.
But why this strange lady is so kind to her? she could not understand.

Now there were lots of questions in Nikki’s tear filled eyes.

Old lady was gently stroking her back and whispering in a very soulful voice,

‘I am your only relative not, your very oon grand mother!
You will live with me from now on. My son was ordered to kill everyone he saw alive in your town. But he could not do that with you , you were so pale and grief stuck and so tiny.
He managed to smuggle you out to me in this remote village, but could not save himself. Some body saw him doing what he did and complained.

Army court marshalled and he was shot dead.

Now we both are orphans and need each other. No body else to own or love, except each other. So come to me my child . One and all…we all are created by the same god. Love is the only medicine which can heal deepest wounds. Shake off the past and all the grief. Promise me that you will not hold any grudge or anger towards or against anybody, Wil love one and all.’

‘Yes Grandma!’, Nikki wad surprised as she said that.
Grandma also lovingly put the first spoon of that tasty broth in her mouth.

Then a magic happened. Bright sun came out through dark clouds and a happy bird was chirping singing in the garden, calling her to come out and be her friend.

Love is a birdie
kind and gentle
little bit of a
scattered brain
Sits on a thorny bough
day and night and sings
‘Wipe your tears;
You are not alone
I sens my love to you
One and all
broken , mended
small and tall’

Shail Agrawal

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