My Column/Lekhni-March-April 17

The trees are coming into leaf / Like something almost being said; / The recent buds relax and spread, / Their greenness is a kind of grief.”
-Philip Larkin
Often it is not what is there, it is how one perceives the scene. A passionate hug may feel like a cage to a disinterested lover or an act of kindness like an insult if given at a wrong time. It is this folly of human heart which lets him see a foe in a friend and a friend in a foe. Philip Larkin’s above quoted poem on spring explains the point beautifully, how spring: season of joy and beauty could cause grief!
Pre conceived ideas and perceptions always play a big part in our thinking and people die not only of illness and accidents but because of the lack of courage also.

He could fly to the moon , dive into the deepest depths of the seven oceans , climb the highest peak of any mountain , fight and roar like a lion on his opponent, yet be gentle as a breeze when in love, then why he is so miserable and deranged, proves himself so week and erratic …a complete slave of his own emotions! Mistreating, enslaving even killing each other, determined to wipe off his own race in his uncontrolled greed and anger . Yes, I am talking about God’s best creation, the man himself, who was supposedly created in His own image. His progress in science , education and technology is no comfort now. As he is getting more and more civilized , he seems to be getting more complex and confused. His strong beliefs rule over him and his own religion is gnawing him.Is this his hunger for excitement or hunger for perfection which is driving him to his ruin? Is it his absolute admiration for himself, or total ignorance and uncaring attitude towards others, fear of unknown or too much comfortable surroundings, which is not letting him see or judge the things clearly. Many questions remain unanswered or unresolved. In this cliff hanging moment he has got only a finite time. Time stands for nobody. Like seasons we all come and go, whether good or vicious, winner or looser. Time has an uncanny way of justice.
New buds have sprung in the garden , where there were just a bare dried branches only a few weeks ago. Nature has its own way of correcting and consoling. It carries on without interfering with others in its own cycle. Its seasons reflect our life cycle of birth growth and death and the cycle goes on. Spring is the season of hope and dreams coming into bloom after a dark and frozen winter. We all need to learn from its defiant spirit and undying belief in its own continuity!
In this era of Global community , only way to survive is by living in a spirit of harmony- togetherness, equality not projecting one’s will or supremacy over week and helpless. Coming festivals of Holi and Easter are the embodiment of this spirit of hope and simplicity, where we distribute gifts and love to all, sing and dance together in the rainbow spectrum of life, eat, laugh and pray together.
It was this same month of March-March 17th 2007 to be precise when Lekhni found its dreams in bloom. It was Women’s Day that year on March the 17’th and it is by some divine invention that today is also Women’s day when Lekhni is reaching out to its Readers.
In this first issue of 11’th year Lekhni is in that same spirit of very constructive and positive energy of love and resurgence…in a continuous spirit of improving itself. Hope You will enjoy reading it as much as the effort we have put. Contrary to the popular saying, it is the love, not the money, which makes the world go round, it strongly believes.
Talking about love our next issue of Lekhni is on Love; Love for which biggest sacrifices have been made, biggest wars have been won and lost. Have you got your own story or experience to tell us about Love or War, or may be both and it’s age old link?
We invite your poems, articles, stories and thoughts on the subject at Last date for submission is 20th April. Everybody’s experiences are different and every body has lots to say on the subject so keep writing, middle of April is not that far off either.
Wishing all our dear readers and writers a very happy Holi and Easter!

Shail Agrawal

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