Poetry Here & Now: Binu Bhatnagar, Shail Agrawal

The Bonsai

You trimmed my roots to reduce my growth,
and called it art of Bonsai!
You kept me in your living room to decorate
I stayed in a corner alone………,
I also wanted to be in the orchard
but you kept me dwarf………
It was my rightful desire or
I should say it was my right to have fruits and flowers.
I wanted to grow tall like others
but you have put me in this small tray.
Why do you play with nature so much!
Don’t You see my pain , my agony, my frustration.
Every visiter who comes to this room
appreciates you for your art,
but no one shows any sympathy to me.
It is my sacrifice that made you an artist.
I will not cry any more……..
I will bear fruits and flowers here!

The broom

The broom, perhaps had never imagined,
that every small or big leader ,
will like to be photographed with it!
First it was Aam Aadmi Party who honored it
by selecting it as its’ election symbol.
They danced with it after winning the election.

Our Prime Minister also honored broom
The trash was spread on the road,
that Modiji collected with a broom
for photo shoot!
Other leaders and actors followed it soon.
NDTV and Dettol had sponsored
Swachata Abhiyan.
But the trash was moved a little bit
from one place to another!

Now the ministers of ,newly sworn in government of U.P.
have once again showing their respect to our humble BROOM!
BROOM is again busy with photoshoots!

-Binu Bhatnagar

Breath me in

Time is remoulding
And erasing me
inside out
And I am scared of
Being unrecognisable
Being driven away
So hold me tight
And breath me in
So we can talk
So we can touch
like a breeze
like a memory
which stays
All the time.

Shail Agrawal

Judge me not

Judge me not
Or you any longer
For that matter
Judging is a flawed process
We change and improve all the time
as we grow everyday wining or loosing
Even God left the judging to the very last
When we have seen and done it all
Slept on our actions and repented
Deep buried wrapped in our soul
Ready to take what really matters
When nothing on this earth
can colour or bribe us
When shackles of love and hate
joy and sorrow are broken
And a tear is not just a drop in the sea
But the very essence of the existence .

– Shail Agrawal

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