My Column: Lekhni November-December 16

My columnAs the year approaches its wintry conclusion, Lekhni marches on with it’s new issue and lots of unanswered questions, still full of hope and prayers.
This issue is about borders. We see them everywhere but are they their to protect us or cause more disturbance in our world, a puzzle very much still unresolved. Lots of disputes are over them world-wide. It seems, they are there not to safeguard but to project power and pain, to separate haves and have nots.
Many wars are fought on these borders for decays , because grievances of an unauthorised control or violation are not dealt properly. On the one hand we want an open world like a one big family but on the other, we do not give an inch. Insist guarding our territories and comforts by keeping the hungry and poor at bay or totally out of sight.
Will it help eliminating bitterness and war, this almost criminal poverty? Why this modern man has become so hard and business like , devoid of all genuine feelings and tenderness towards others!

This Lekhni’s issue in its own humble way, is trying to find out few answers and also understand what these issues are all about. Spread the good will of compassion and harmony in our fast and hate infested time .

At Christmas, when good wishes wrap our hearts in the form of numerous Cards and messages from our near and dear ones we are trying to reach all with this wish of joy and happiness, not only this Christmas and New year, but each and every single day.

Lekhni still retains the hope of a compassionate and kind world…that we will not be completely blind to the pain and sufferings of others who are not as fortunate as we are.
‘Giving’ is always much more joyous and addictive than receiving.
Cheers Friends!!

140314-152609Shail Agrawal.

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