My Column/ July-August 18

In this July-August issue of Lekhni we are trying to understand the meaning of the word peace, because not only our troubled world, we all can do with little bit of peace all the time. Acquiring its serenity where-ever we can because our thoughts are like water only. Calmer it is, clearer to see what lies underneath.

Meaning and nature of a word can be fully understood by its’ associate words. What are its synonyms and opposites. How and in what context they are used. Some synonyms for peace are: armistice, truce, pact, accord, rapport, concord, amity. calm, quiet. While opposites are : insecurity, disturbance.

Some modern examples of the word ‘peace’

1. They called for peace, reconciliation, and the safe return of Father Gregorio.

2. But without any peace talks on the horizon, everyone is now left to their own devices.

3. What, I suspect, we really want from Santa is peace (and quiet) at home for the holidays.

4. He says biking long distances is “like coming to peace in your mind and your body.”

5. For the happiness of all he made peace with his enemy.

6. We wish peace, but we wish the peace of justice, the peace of righteousness

Peace is an inner calm. When our mind is tranquil and at ease, without any disturbing or conflicting thoughts. It is not so much a condition, but rather a state of being. Like truth, or freedom, love and happiness – not so easy to describe or define although it can certainly be experienced. Peace is also an environment which is created by the feeling of well- being, by resolving conflicts without violence, so people can work and live together in harmony to improve the quality of lives . Discipline and law are created not to rule or control, but for a peaceful and happy co-existence. People have often used force and spread of fear to control rebels or an unruly mob. But this can not necessarily hold peace or work all the time, as peace cannot be preached or forced. Suppression often results in more violent irruption. For a lasting peace, one needs to be fair and just, desire peace, wants to be peaceful. To be at peace with oneself is much harder than a peace hand-shake. In short, Peace is a commitment to understanding, celebrating and learning from difference…respecting one self as well as others.

Next month’s issue is on utility and value of a national language. What are your thoughts on the subject? Last date for submission on the subject is 25’th August.

Shail Agrawal

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