Poetry Here & Now:Tanya Bolton/ October-November 2015

Butterfly Woman


I give birth to myself

Like a butterfly emerging

Out of its crystal cocoon.

Struggling to escape my claustrophobic case

I fight for freedom

Pushing down on the pain

I reach up to the light called life

And flutter my new crumpled wings in joy.


But I am more than just a delicate beauty

I am more than just female anatomy,

I am more than just the black skin which covers my flesh

Like an apple I have a core

Containing the seeds of my spiritual self.

All these qualities are celebrations of God’s ingenuity

Yet are worthless in man’s society.


Captured and crushed to death for their pleasure

I am put on display as a pressed butterfly.

My wings are pinned down while I’m still alive,

I scream out from within my glass prision

But no one hears me.

My exterior shell is all they choose to see.








I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.

I am the Future , the Present and Past.

I alone hold the keys to the gates of Heaven and of Hell,

It’s up to you to decide where you will dwell.

So do not behave with the IQ of a dumb ass

For the Words I have written will soon come to pass


I am not unmoved Mover

The Most High, Jah Jehovah

I am your only saviour

And I abhor all ungodly behaviour.

It was I who destroyed your Tower of Babel,

For My Omnipotence is neither fake nor fable


I loved you so much that I granted you free will

In return you steal, kill and commit evil.

Like Doubting Thomas you people never behave

And yet wonder why you never receive.

Will you only acknowledge Me when you feel the heat of Hell?

By then it will be too late to reclaim the soul you now sell.


I am endless, Changeless, Timelessand above your reason

For it was I who created the Earth and its seasons.

So whilst you joke around and jeer

The destruction of Babylon draws near

Do not permit your spirit to be damned

By denying who I AM


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