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Kelly, the clown
Kelly the clown has fallen down from the toy cupbard and broken his red shiny nose. He shouldn’t have listened to other toys and  not started to exhibit his newly learnt accrobatics in the middle of the night.

When it is pitch dark, it is hard to negotiate a safe landing.

Now he was so ashamed of himself that he deep dug his face into the thick pile of the carpet and lay their whole night sobbing.

When William picked him up in the morning and saw his favourite clown so upset, he understood why! He quickly ran to the medicine cupbard and put a plaster on his nose . After all mum does the same when he gets hurt in the playground !

But the plaster did nothing for Kelly except leaving an ugly mark on the already broken nose. Now things were getting tense in the Toy cupbard. Is he heading to the bin..? William himself had gone through this fear many times that day. He quickly ran for the solution and made a round plasticine nose exactly like Kelly’s old one and left it to dry. when it dried up completely he painted it scarlet red. Exactly the shade it used to be before and then varnished it also. Now the nose was ready to go back on the clown’s face. He carefully glued it there. The clown was so happy to find his nose back on his face that he couldn’t hold his tears back and a big tear fell out from his eye and landed on his pink cheek shining like a big oval star.

The Clown was looking so beautiful now that eveybody wanted to play with him. But William loved his clown too much to let it nose fall back again so he put him on his study table on top of his important papers and told his friends this is a very special clown, so we can not play with him like an ordinary toy. You can admire it from the distance without touching it.

Thus Kelly and William stayed together always.

Now William is a grown up man and he still has his Kelly the clown with him in his office. He shows his clown proudly to his son Peter and tells him often how carefully he once mended him. He also keeps telling him in a soft and faraway voice that ‘ If you like somebody or something you should take good care of it, understand it properly, so it can stay with you all it’s life and both of you can be really happy together.’

‘Yes, Dad ! Like I’m going to look after you all your life.’ Little Peter also keeps on reminding his Dad now and then.

Whenever he wants to give his Dad a big hug and kiss, he just comes running to his dad and hugs him without a moment’s delay. ‘After all who loves him more than his Dad and make him so happy too !’

William also proudly smiles back at his Son, giving him the tightest and tickliest bear-hug ever given by a Dad to his son.

-Shail Agrawal        





Fear Fly


Fear Fly


If I was a fly
I don’t suppose,
I’d want to land
On someone’s nose.

A nose is meant
To run or drip
And not be used as
A landing strip.

I’d never land
Upon an ear,
You never know
What you might hear,

Never land on
A sailor’s belly
That’s how we
lost Auntie Nelly.

The most dangerous place
To land I know
Is either Gatwick
Or Heathrow.

Spike Milligan

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