Talk About: Snap Shots-Shail Agrawal

India cradle of my childhood, country of my roots, gave the world doctrine of “ वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम “ and taught us to live simply and be tolerant and understanding with others, is developing and getting more empowered, richer; I was happy to see better roads and infrastructure and with a childlike curiosity was trying to observe and assimilate it all. Here are two snapshots from my recent trip to Mumbai which I will like to share!



Lights and decoration was really grand and dazzling on that sprawling ground in a popular and rich neighbourhood of Mumbai,
“Is it some new temple? “
“No, a Marriage-Garden. It costs crores to rent for one evening here.”
“That much!” “Who pays?”, was totally taken aback and really surprised.
“This is Mumbai madam! City of dreams. City of showmanship…City of false arrogance!
Weather rich or not that rich, here they will beg, steal or borrow…but do anything for their name’s sake.” Taxi driver replied calmly.



A strong and fierce bull was roaming freely on that crowded tourist spot. Frightened, ran inside the near-by shop to protect myself. But the owner laughed and casually commented –
“Do not get frightened. Bull will not attack you. It only attacks certain people of certain look in certain attire.”
My head hung in shame and sympathy over the mentality of a common man of my motherland, I quickly stepped out of the shop.

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